PM 10-inch Quick Change

Permanent Mold Center Sections: The Strongest Castings Available

Our new Permanent Mold 10-inch Quick Change raises the bar for strength and reliability higher than ever. The center section's been redesigned for added strength (without added weight), but the biggest advantage is the state-of-the-art Permanent Mold casting, which has stronger mechanical properties than the sand cast process used for all other quick changes on the market.

The Permanent Mold process relies on H13 tool steel molds for castings that are denser and more consistent than is achievable with sand molds (click here to see a video about the process). Tested by an independent laboratory, here's how the Permanent Mold centers stacked up against sand cast rears:

Click here to watch a video showing how our permanent mold castings are made. Full-size 10-inch Late Model and Modified rears are shipping now, independent drift diffs will be shipping very soon! 

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