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General FAQs

What type of oil should I use?
Recommend using our Schaeffer’s semi-synthetic or any full synthetic high quality oil 70-90.

How much oil should I use?
10” full size rear end, fill until oil comes out fill level plug on the front of the right side bell. 

(Demonstration video coming soon)

8” r&p in a full size housing, 1/2” below large inspection plug on rear right hand side.

(Demonstration video coming soon)

How do I find out what R&P ratio I’m running?

Click here to check out our video on determining ring & pinion ratio.

If I'm running helical gears in my street-driven quick change, how do I install Winters' shim kit?

Click here to check out our video on shimming helical gears.

How do I properly set up a rear?

(Demonstration video coming soon)

Do I need to run a breather?
Yes! Best location is 11 or 2 o’clock on left rear side bell. If space is limited highest place possible.

(Demonstration video coming soon)

How do I change my quick change gears?

(Demonstration video coming soon)

How often should I replace my R&P?
Remove inspection plug and inspect r&p after every race looking for pitting and excessive wear on the pinion.

How often should replace my quick change gears?
In high horse power applications Winters recommends you replacing your most used quick change rears yearly.

How often should I replace my rear end oil?
Winters recommends replacing your rear end oil every 5 races.

How often should I rebuild my rear end?
Winters recommends in High horse power applications you should throughly inspect and maintenance your rear end every 20 races. In all other applications you should break down, inspect and maintenance your rear end seasonally.

How often should I replace my rear end lower shaft?
Winter recommends throughly inspecting your rear end after any extreme shock load such as, hard impact of any type and drive line lock up or motor seizure.

How often should I have my track star differential rebuilt?
For best performance we recommend you send your track star back to Winters every year to be rebuilt to factory specifications.

How often should I replace the springs in my locker?
Winters recommends to replace the springs every 600 to 800 laps.

What length drive shaft should I run in my sprint car?
See Instruction sheet.

Shifter 101 FAQs

How do I know what shifter will work for me?
SideWinder Shifters are ordered based on the automatic transmission that is being used.  After determining the base shifter part number, numerous options are available to dial in the shifter to fit specific needs. 

What does the shifter come with?
The base SideWinder Shifter will come with a black plastic console, a sixty-inch cable, and a transmission specific install kit.

Do the shifters work with transmissions other than what is listed?
Maybe.  We suggest talking to a transmission specialist about pairing a shifter to a transmission that is not listed in our catalog.  In most of these cases, it is up to the installer to create brackets so that the transmission operates correctly.  We do not recommend modifying our brackets or shift arms to make the transmission shift correctly.

How do I know what gate plate I need?
Gate plates are separated by specific transmission.  They are then broken down into two groups, standard or lockout.  From there, you can determine the style of gate plate you need for your project.  We offer a stock and reverse gate plate for all of the SideWinder shifters, and a rock crawler gate plate for a select few.

I want a stock style plate but I have a reverse valve body in my transmission, can I get a gate plate to match?
The shift patterns on our gate plates are decals, this allows the customer to mix and match standard and reverse patterns on the gate plates to work with each individual project they may have.  Any stock gate is available with a reverse pattern decal by adding the letter “R” to the end of the part number.  Any reverse plate is available with stock pattern decals by adding the letter “S” to the end of the part number. 

Where can I find the dimensions of your shifters?
In our catalog.  For an online copy visit www.wintersperformance.com. Click on the catalog button, and download the Automatic Transmission Components catalog.

What options are available for your shifters?
A full list of options can be found in our catalog including gate plates, mounting options, safety switch options, and cable lengths.

Can the shifters be converted to work with a different transmission than what they were originally built for?
Yes, as long as the replacement transmission is listed in the catalog. This involves purchasing a new install kit, and possibly a new gate plate.

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